Friday, 6 January 2012

The Month That Is; How I Wrote Richard Faraday, Ghost Detective - January 6th 2012 - B

This whole process is rather insidious.

I go to turn in, but then an idea strikes me. The extension of a story thread I threw in there, the growth of a throwaway character. Suddenly it's 2am and I'm staring at a computer screen, cursing this story-induced insomnia.

Hell, the problem I had just now was that I introduced a secondary character as an alias of Richard Faraday, but then the story took him somewhere else entirely... now I'm thinking what the opposite number of a Ghost Detective would be, and how interesting it would be to have him thrown into the mix. I just need a name for the role. When I say opposite number of a Ghost Detective, I don't mean "a ghost", because that's too easy. Argh, what to do?

Another 2,117 words added.

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