Monday, 9 January 2012

The Month That Is; How I Wrote Richard Faraday, Ghost Detective - January 9th 2012

I knew this would happen. I'm back at work and the charge has gone. The urgency. I can't let that stand though. I wrote another chapter today, 1,792 bringing the grand total to 45, 090. I started writing it on the bus, scribbling notes with a shitty biro in whatever space I could find in my moleskin. I'll need another one of those, soon. I wanted to bring in more elements of the grand mythology that's available to me, and no, I'm not talking about more ITC Entertainment characters. I thought they could take a back seat for the time being.

With a chapter set in the secret city of "Under Paris" (I know, original, but it ties into other aspects of the world I'm building) I could make mention of Fée folk, Lutins and Matagots, even in passing this makes me happy. l'Ossuaire Municipal, which makes perfect sense considering where I'm taking the story, but also specific French folklore creatures like the Fée folk, Lutins and Matagots. 

I want... need... to use Roman de Renart because of the thought of an anthropomorphic trickster fox is so exciting. I damn near require a swashbuckling fox to swing in like Errol Flynn at the last moment and do something amazing. That's what I want to see. That's what I think you'll enjoy reading.

In the chapter I wrote today, I made reference to broad Japanese cosmology, and tied it into your populist-pop-culture-friendly Christianity. The kind of stuff you see on shows like Supernatural and what not. I'm trying to take a few pages out Mike Carey's Lucifer with my depiction of angels. But then again, does that go back to how Neil Gaiman introduced them in The Sandman, way back when? Questions, questions. I might introduce Jesus. That would be... actually, no, that wouldn't work for me at all. But hey, why not make your hearts skip a beat in surprise?

Anyway, I'm back at work. Today was long. Didn't leave me much time to do what's really important, but it's coming together. I'm going to aim to get to 50,000 words done by the end of tomorrow, and then when I've hit that I'll concentrate on the end game.

Am I playing for time? Am I writing some kind of weird double bluff?



Hell, wait and see.

 The following albums were listened to today in no particular order: Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero and Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D as well as Interpol - Antics. I was writing without a soundtrack for a while today, just getting on with it and trying to get words down. Then I realised what I was missing, and that was a concept album about a dystopic future where a corrupt and super-charged government rule its people with an iron grip and absolute fear. Lovely jubbly. Thanks, Trent.

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