Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Month That Is; How I Wrote Richard Faraday, Ghost Detective - January 12th 2012 - C

2,833 words of plotting done this week.

That total is both this book and the next, which I'm already gearing up to get ready for writing. It's kind of infectious, this narrative. I know where I want things to go, but I also know how rubbish I am and how I can get super revved up to work on it... and then don't. Never do. Have the idea in my pocket but never do anything with it. Which is super disappointing and kind of pathetic. But I should enjoy this kick while I can!

I think I need to calculate how many rambling, awful words of blogging I've done through the process too. I just go on and on, but hey, why not? All this has helped. This running commentary is going to go a long way to helping me figure out the whys and hows of this mad thing.

Anyway, the good news: 50,109 words reached tonight. Thank God.

I'm now going to go cry myself to sleep.

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