Wednesday, 18 February 2009

See the animal in his cage that you built , are you sure what side you're on?

It’s that first moment, that lingering second of breathlessness that’s followed by silence… alone, the only friend you can count on being yourself, the only safety net your own instincts… it’s then that you know you’re in the right place, at the exact right time. You should be feeling lost, adrift in a sea of doubt, but you don’t; for that lingering second, the one where you try to breathe but find yourself unwilling… you know what you’re doing is well and truly right. It’s all anticipation after that. If you hesitate, you fail. The first slither of hesitation is infectious, reaches down into your gut and makes you feel like you can’t do this… but if you just accept that what comes next is only natural… that you can do this, that the laws of gravity, the laws of physics, the laws of common sense, that all these laws don’t apply. So you’ve accepted, you’ve felt the anticipation, and you take the first step--

And you fly. You soar above the world and your hands pierce the clouds and you arch up toward the place where up is no longer up and space is a hairsbreadth from your nose, and you move forward till the moon is like the sea and you keep moving… because without hesitation, anything is possible.

If only that were true.


  1. Yes, everything is possible.

    Very nice, it made me feel like I was flying.