Thursday, 19 February 2009

I Woke Up Today To Find Myself In The Other Place

Oh, this isn't the script I was talking about, this is something I wanted to share because I'm happy with it. This is a script for an untitled project I'm hammering away at, one that was coming quite easily until the repeated laptop-shut-downs-of-a-few-weeks-ago. As you can see, this isn't straight forward prose, it's not a film script, it is in fact a comic book script. There is reason for this. Roy said he'd do the pencils but he's got a kid and wanted something cleaner. "Something cleaner". I'll have to think on that. Anyways, here it is:

Page One

((Two long panels take up this entire page.))

Panel One:

Caption 1): “Legend as it.” Have you ever started a story so? “Legend has it that…”

Caption 2): These are not truths. These are myths. Like they say, “legends”.

Tight shot on Gawain’s face, blood dribbling from his nose, stubble surrounding his jawline, he’s sweating, tired, but he’s determined, angry, and ready to fight.

Gawain 1): Come on then you bastard!

Gawain 2): Come on!

Panel Two:

Caption 1): I start this story differently:

Caption 2): “Truth, as I have learnt it to be, has it that…”

Caption 3): …This is not a myth. This is not a legend. This is the truth of a world that you are not made to comprehend.

Bors, bigger, larger set, sword in hand, grins, his hair cut close to his skull, and a scar running three inches from his forehead up, an old battle wound, healed badly. He’s not unattractive, rugged more like, and he has a beard that starts as a moustache above his lip, down to his chin, and then up as sideburns to his ears. He doesn’t stop smiling throughout this entire sequence. He’s also young, though you couldn’t tell from the way he acts, and the way he looks.

Bors 1): You fight with your head, that’s good, boy.

Bors 2): Your sword arm is strong, little runt of a thing like you, wouldn’t think you could lift it higher than your knee!

Bors 3): But you still fight like a little girly girl.

Page Two:

Panel One:

Gawain lunges low for Bors, hoping to rise up beneath Bors’ centre of gravity, and gain the advantage from being smaller set.

Panel Two:

Bors brings up his knee, slamming it into Gawain’s chest.

Gawain 1): uuuhtt

Panel Three:

Bors then throws Gawain behind him, rolling with the momentum of Gawain himself.

Panel Four:

Gawain hits the cold stone floor hard, dust rising up as he collides.

Gawain 1): hhfff

Panel Five:

He looks up, and sees a sword levelled at his jugular.

Gawain 1): uhh.

Panel Six:

Over Gawain’s shoulder, we see Bors lower his weapon, and put out his left hand for Gawain to pull himself up with. Bors still grins.

Page Three:

Panel One:

Gawain smiles, and pulls himself up.

Gawain 1): Thought you asked me if I wanted to do some light sparring.

Panel Two:

Bors pouts, and points to himself apologetically.

Bors 1): Kid, there’s no such thing as ‘light sparring’.

Bors 2): You have war, and you have sparring.

Bors 3): You ain’t dead, so I guess we sparred.

Panel Three:

Gawain sheathes his sword, in pain. Bors does the same.

Gawain 1): You’re fucking insane.

Panel Four:

Bors laughs.

Bors 1): HA!

Bors 2): BullSHIT! I’m honest!

Page Four:

Panel One:

Bors points to the scar running down his forehead.

Bors 1): Kid, you don’t want to ugly up your face ‘cause you ran into something unprepared.

Bors 2): I’m teaching you how to survive, not how to fight.

Panel Two:

Bors’ face suddenly turns serious.

Bors 1): But I wasn’t kidding.

Bors 2):You need to grow up.

Bors 3): In war, any shite goes. Your mother is a whore. Your dad is a queer. And your sisters?

Panel Three:

Gawain’s lip twists up, uncomfortable with where this going.

Gawain 1): I don’t have any sisters.

Panel Four:

Bors slams his finger into Gawain’s chest.

Bors 1): Your sisters were in your enemy’s bedroom last night being fucked twelve ways to Eden and by God they loved it.

Panel Five:

Bors shrugs.

Bors 1): Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not.

Bors 2): Horrendous shite is thrown around and you need to take it in your stride.

Bors 3): Rules of fucking engagement, isn’t it?

Page Five:

Panel One:

Bors nudges Gawain in the ribs, and his grin returns.

Bors 1): Now, let’s go get something to eat, I’m starving, and the banquet will be starting soon downstairs.

Bors 2): Go wash up, and meet me downstairs.

Panel Two:

Bors lowers himself somewhat, and punches Gawain in the arm.

Bors 1): And don’t worry!

Bors 2): I won’t tell anyone how easy it was to get under your skin!

Bors 3): HAHAHA

Panel Three:

Gawain places his hands in his pockets, and leaves Bors as he continues to laugh, his laughter echoing out in the background, behind Gawain himself.

Bors 1): HAHAHAhaha

Gawain1): Under my skin.

Gawain 2): Right.

Panel Four:

Gawain continues to walk forward, into shadow, an uncomfortable look upon his face.

Gawain 1): …Like that would happen…

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