Thursday, 26 February 2009

I know you love your fist, you can punch me one time if you really want...

People... people...

I think I have problems with certain people.

Wait, that was a bit too diplomatic, I know I have problems with certain people... people who take themselves too seriously, who don't see the funny side in things, who consistently take the piss with their words and their actions... it's beyond a joke.

I hate writers who use big words just to use big words. It's not clever, it's silly, you're alienating an audience because you want to show off. I think we should be able to convey feeling without scientific specifics. Because when we go straight for the factual, aren't we removing something we should be doing every day? We should be conveying meaning, not with specifics but with some kind of elusive fervour, full with the knowledge that we know what we mean and you should have a journey along with us to discover it.

I hate writers who take themselves too seriously. Who have a bloated self importance about them... I think it's unnecessary. We're all in this together. You think you're better than me? You go around declaring this fact? It's kind of unsavoury.

Don't get the wrong idea, to my knowledge, people aren't going around saying "I'm better than Charlie, 'cause he's shit!" or anything like that (though you could be, and therefore proving my point), but I think we all know the people who do this. The people who think they're better than the rest.

So bloody what?

We're all in this together now, aren't we?

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