Sunday, 22 February 2009

I got my arms a-flip-flop-flip!

Where does my blog fit in the "blogosphere"?

Well... just between yours and yours, I think. The only people who would read this blog are people who know me. I'm not famous (not yet anyways, and I don't have any real intentions of being famous right now) so it's not like people who don't know me are going to know me, or search for me, so I'm just here for my friends. I'm not here for strangers. This isn't the place for it. On the group blog I'm part of (blog-o-tronik), maybe, because that's where a number of people blog, and so their friends might read my blogs, and my friends might read theirs. That's the gamble.

I'm not here to be read by strangers. I don't write to be read by strangers. If you're a stranger, and you're reading this blog, well, all the power to you, don't be a stranger! Comment! Let me know who you are! Let's be friends. I'm putting myself out there, return the favour, let's all get along nice like.

I'm not here to blow your minds (though maybe I'll try...), I'm here to talk. Rant. Complain.

Thing is... I deleted my blog last year. Blogs distract me. I spend too much time on them. I post too much (as you might have noticed). That's the reason I deleted my blog. I might delete this blog. I might have to, they're too distracting. Twitter... I don't like already. I enjoy Twittering on there, obviously (Follow me!), but there comes a point where I'm just... talking. And I don't know why.

I guess blogging is about self/impulse control.

I don't have any. So that's why it's not a good idea for me to do it.


  1. i'm not sure you should suggest being friends with strangers. might provoke the wrong reactions or you may get a total stalker 'following' you..

  2. Well, how else are these people not going to be complete strangers unless they say "hey" and drop me a real line, instead of "following" me in a really ridiculous and anonymous way?

    Let's be friends. Let's be mates. Let's get to know each other and dispell this myth and illusion of internet anonymity. If you're worth knowing, step up, declare yourself, if not... then you're not worth knowing at all, are you?

  3. Like the fact that it's honest and genuine. Pretty funny too. Can see why blogs are so distracting !