Saturday, 21 February 2009

Oh, we will never die.

I thought I would share with you something that one of my friends has blogged. The following is something that I find quite inspiring actually, and was really impressed with when I first read it. From Ramon Villalobos' blog "Such Is Life", presenting "SUBMIT", a statement of intent that is just plain brilliant, not only in application to it's original context, but for an artistic standpoint on so many levels:

The following is my artistic statement for a sculpture class. My "art" will all fit this general theme. I am going to share it with you.


From birth, people in modern society are taught to believe that individuality is the ultimate goal of self growth. To be special. To be unique. To be loved.

Ironic that, considering the social equation that is supposed to produce a product of idiosyncratic behaviors is the same that creates the rampant conformity that spreads through civilization like the poisonous venom coursing through the veins of a snakebite victim.

But why is that so bad? If this contradiction should be resolved, why not eliminate the indiviuality that is throwing the balance of things asunder?


Submit the the current sociopolitical landscape.

Submit to the bitter reality that there is no control, people are just groups of atomic firestorms going through the motions set into effect by the big bang.

Submit to beautifully uniformed chaos.

Submit to the vacuum of truly original human thought and submit to the concept of a universal subconscious that controls us all.

No one is special. No one is unique. No one is loved.

There is no real meaning of art. There is no real meaning of god.

There is no Jesus Christ. No Ward Cleaver. No Superman.


Everything is going to be okay. Nothing could be any other way.




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