Saturday, 21 February 2009

Problems have solutions, you know.

I have finished that script I was twittering about earlier in the week. I think I've settled on a name, third time being the charm and all that. Originally, it didn't have a title, then the first part was called "Echo", then I figured out a name for it all could be "The Backwards Assassin" and now I've settled on "Echo Chambers". It might make sense if you ever see it (meaning, if I ever post it up).

I think I'm happy with it. It's fast, violent, and bloody. Just right, no?

Anyways, as to warrant some interest, here's Page One:

Panel One:

A foetus floats in the womb. A spark of life. Potential. We open the book with life. I think you can probably guess how the book will end. Or maybe I’m messing with your head?

Narrator 1): When he died, he saw two lives flash before his eyes.

Panel Two:

The previous image of the womb seems to split into two, now running side by side with each other, like film stock flickering and splitting in the centre, the white of the page is visible underneath. Something is happening. Something that is not good.

Narrator 1): This was slightly disconcerting for him.

Narrator 2): (As you can imagine.)

Panel Three:

The eyes of both foetus’ open. We’re closer to them now, the foetus’ looking away from each other, not focusing on anything.

Narrator 1): They were both his.

Narrator 2): (That was the weird thing.)

Panel Four:

Two sets of eyes latch onto the reader. They’re exactly the same, and the eyes… are eerily full of clarity.

Narrator 1): To his recollection, he’d only lived one life.

Narrator 2): So if you asked him if it was interesting viewing…

Panel Five:

We segue into the present. James Larsen is bloodied and bleeding, his eyes are both red, blood vessels burst (if we can have the eyes of the foetus’ seemingly meld into this one image, awesome), creating an unearthly appearance to this battered man. His lip is torn, his face a mess of knife slashes and internal fluids. He’s been beaten so close to death that he looks fragile. A few days beard growth covers his face. The overwhelming feeling right now? Doom. Blood should be everywhere. Claustrophobia should set in.


Narrator 1): …He’d have to say yes.

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