Monday, 24 May 2010

"The Chain" - FOR POSTERITY!

Right, so it took, what? Eleven months? Gah, I hate that. I hate that it took so long. I think, removing all the stops I had on it (Because I didn't know writing a novel was so damn hard) it was about six months? Probably less? I know I didn't write it every day. That would have hurt. But yeah. I'm done. The Chain is finished and I'm just tightening it up before I send it off to people. Then I'll send it out for editing and then I'll cry as my editor lays into me.

So, final stats of the raw, unedited copy?

Sixty Chapters. Woof. I like that. Feels meaty. It was... forty? Forty five, maybe, before I ran through and let it breathe.

Just under Seventy Thousand and Fire Hundred words-- which to me feels like nothing. Like it's a nothing piece of nothing and I've not achieved anything. Bah.

I have a document saved with the run down of every character, every character *mentioned* that I'm going to turn into a spreadsheet for the sequel. If I get round to it. I feel like I might fall back on my strengths and do it like an anthology, but I'm not sure. I have stuff planned, but I don't know if I can deliver.

I don't know if I've delivered with this one now, do I?

I might do a run down of everything that went into the novel. Inspirations. Music, films, television. I'm hoping that I'm psyched for this tomorrow. Or I could be terrified.

Oh, God.

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