Monday, 10 May 2010

Another Politics Post

I feel awful for Gordon Brown. He stepped down as leader of the Labour Party today, and it's just... he wasn't made for this brand of politics. He was old school and in this new school of media manipulation and spin, he just wasn't able to keep up. I don't believe any of the slur against the man. I don't believe he was a raging monolith of anger and abuse. No. I think that he was a genuinely good man that was dragged down by people looking for a story, dragged down to their level.

And yes, I do believe that the woman was a bigot, no matter what the media say, and I think that we've all been there, saying something we shouldn't have said. He wasn't MADE for the media-centric bull shittery that this election, heck, what politics, became!

So I'm saddened to see the country turn on him. Do I believe that he should lead the country? I prefer him to Cameron (no brainer) and I believe that a coalition government with Clegg and Brown would have been the best bet. But hey, we'll see how the country goes to shit now, yes?

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