Sunday, 11 April 2010

Why Batman Is Awesome #10: "Alfred, I'm in pursuit of some slimeballs and I seem to be on fire."

Batman is awesome.

Like I said before, Batman doesn't have to be kicking ass and taking names to be awesome. He can talk, and he can escape, or... he could do something else entirely.

During the first issue of Final Crisis, J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, was viciously murdered by the Society [of Super Villains], led by the villaious Libra. In Final Crisis: Requiem the entire murder was expanded on (yay...) and the psychic Martian Manhunter sent a message to all his closest friends that relayed his memories into their heads. What followed is Batman's reaction to the "thought e-mail":

OK, yes, that's ultimate awesome. "After I bring them in." How brilliant is that? His grim determination in the face of all this madness-- this psychic fire. That's fantastic, that's Batman to a tee. He's determined, he's unstoppable, he's a monster of law enforcement. Right, later, the Justice League and all of J'onn's friends travel to Mars to put him to rest, and they say their goodbyes and the ones closest to him stay behind.

The last to leave? Batman. Why?

Because he's damn sentimental, and he can't leave his friend without giving him one last Choco-- the Manhunter's favourite snack. So not only is he a justice machine... he's the best friend you could ever have, and will stop at nothing for you. Batman is awesome.


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