Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Oh, fuck, I had one of those bastard epiphanies in regards to my novel-- a whole sub-plot has to go. The vampires have no place in the story. I mean, yeah, I know why they're there, and what they do for the plot (they drive it forward), but they're WRONG! There's no precedence for them being present. But there is a precedence for some other shady group. Oh, yes there is. And they could be connected to the sequel (which is in the "Charlie-has-thought-of-it-and-that's-a-terrible-thing" stage), that might or might not get written.

Such grand ideas. Such dreams. And they're like the ones you have when you're a child. You want to be a writer, or an artist, or a director, and you do stuff, and you consider them grand, and they're so tiny that it's barely worth the effort in talking about it.

Rewrites are coming. Big, meaty, fat rewrites. Whole characters needs to go, whole reactions. I was beginning to like this draft, too. In all it's unfinished glory. Well, live and learn! I'm not even sold on the title anymore, "The Chain" seems really... generic and non-specific. Ideas. Ideas...

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