Sunday, 4 April 2010

Great Moments In Badass History III - "The Hell is up with that ape?!"

Originally posted at Great Moments In Badass History, this was a post made to showcase how "badass" the 2006 Marvel series "Agents of Atlas" was. I think it gets the point across, and I'm just posting it here for posterity's sake.

Agents of Atlas was a Marvel Comics miniseries released in 2006-- one of the many brilliant titles they d├ębut but eventually cancel due to the masses not appreciating the amazingness of the concept-- that had a full quota of badass every single chapter.

It led to a spin-off ongoing series (said title was eventually cancelled) and a number of back-up features and mini-series, guest-starring the X-Men and Avengers. A pretty badass feat unto itself.

The concept behind the series was simple-- uniting a number of forgotten characters from the Marvel stable, including Jimmy Woo, Namorita, M-11 the Human Robot, et al, these characters sought to defeat the [red] menace known as the Yellow Claw (your typical Fu Manchu stand-in) and the organisation known only as "Atlas". I'm not going to ruin the story for you, I think you should pick that up yourself, but know this: One character, Ken Hal aka Gorilla Man, was the greatest concept you could ever dream of being introduced to. Formerly a game hunter with a wanting for immortality, he tracked down a mythical ape in the jungles of Africa. It was said that if you killed the ape, you would never age, and you would live forever.

Sufficed to say, things didn't turn out the way he expected.

Take from #1 of the six-part series, here is the most badass thing I have ever read involving a Gorilla called Ken. Four guns. One Human Robot. One Gorilla Man.

Guns akimbo. x2.

THAT was badass.

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