Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Track #15: Weezer - Buddy Holly (+An Early Morning Ramble)

I am very rarely awake before 6am. Mainly because I finally turn in, what, around 3am? So, waking up this morning at 530am and finding myself all alert and what not, I know this day is going to bring inevitable bad times. SURE I had the earliest night I've had in years (8pm, whaaaat?), and SURE I've got work in three hours now, so that should keep me all occupied and what not, but THEN what? Then what's going to happen? It's St. Patrick's Day. When was the last time I celebrated that? God knows. Never? I was either working or under-age. Mostly under-age.

So yeah. Long day ahead. Was only supposed to be working for four hours. Now I'm doing nine and a half... at least I get a break.

And for the sake of continuity...

Oh crap, now I'm stuck thinking that THIS is my St. Patrick's Day post? That's it? That's all I'm going to do? Ah, to Hell with it, I can live with that...

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