Monday, 27 April 2009

The Sinister Urge

As a race of people, why are we so fucked up? Why do we kill? Why do we rape and torture and generally cause chaos? Is this our default setting? Is it an effort to be good? We all have a voice in the back of our head telling us to doing something bad, and sometimes it's loud and sometimes it's quiet. Sometimes it tells us to steal, and sometimes it tells to fight... the "sinister urge", to steal from Rob Zombie. We have a conscience, don't we? But what happens when that whispers and something else shouts? When all the good is drowned out and all we're left with is hate and the wanting to inflict pain?



  1. Karma. Accumulated from hundreds of thousands of reincarnations. No wonder our minds are default set to "fucked up". We have to control it. That's what I think, but my logic is probably flawed.

    Welcome back.

  2. Oh and we are living in an age of spiritual ignorance. So yeah, our minds are innately attracted to all the wrong things...

  3. I don't believe in Karma. I think spirituality and religion can simply be explained away as an excuse to not take responsibility for our actions. Original sin sending us to hell from birth, making us try and repent from day one? I dislike it, immensely.

  4. Eh? An excuse to not take responsibility? I see it differently... knowing that my previous actions led to any pain in this life makes me want to be a good person so that I won't have to suffer in the future. The idea is that we are entirely responsible, and that knowledge makes us aware of our actions. Perhaps you see a person's karma as static, but it is constantly changing and re-evaluating itself.

    Right, I'd better stop now. :)

  5. And you've summed up my problem with religion-- you think you done bad before, now you've got to repent for it/be better in this life. Why can't you be good because you want to be good? Why do you have to do it because you think you were a mass murderer in a previous life (/joke).

    We should be brilliant because we want to be brilliant, not because we feel we have to after some bad karmic cycle or some thievery in the Garden of Eden, you know?