Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Richard Faraday At The End Of The World - NOW AVAILABLE

After a long slog of things, I have finally made my new novel available from Lulu. This has been a long time coming, and I think it's worth what went into it. It's twice as big, ten times as epic, and with a whole host of new characters joining the existing-- and surviving (and not so surviving!)-- characters from the first.

And God DAMN am I proud of it.

(Click the cover to buy)

This one wouldn't be here without the help of all the people who purchased the first, that's the most important thing. If no one wanted to see more from the characters then why would I even bother? It's all well and good writing for yourself but at the same time... fuck it! Who cares about what I want? A big thank you to Kate Hannon and Jon Wilkins for editing the bad boy, but also the continuing support of Sam Miller, who, whilst unable to edit it, was a guiding light during the earlier stages and also in shaping the first book. Ramon Villalobos created the cover, and it's a beauty of a thing. I love it so.

And what's next?

Well, I think I've finalised the title of the third book in the series... Scarlett Faraday Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea. If that sticks around, awesome, but the only way you won't see it is if I come up with something better! Not only that, but there will be a CHRISTMAS surprise, fingers crossed.

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