Sunday, 21 October 2012

Richard Faraday At The End Of The World - Cover Update

Me (Thu 16th October): "Holy shit, that's amazing. What was the thought process behind it?"

Ramon (Sat 20th October): "My thought process was you had kind of asked for the eyes and the trees as elements so I figured as long as I incorporated both of those we'd be set so after that I just played around with different images of trees that I distorted and different mask faces that I mostly disembodied so that it is kind of graphic. I'm a huge fan of Chip Kidd's design work for covers so I looked at his book a ton and tried to add some of that class. I wanted to use red and green because those colors feel kind of like dangerous and acidic in most contexts other than Christmas so yeah I did that and just rolled with it. At first I had the features of the face way more obscured but then I was like nah, this thing is really creepy, I'm going to just... put it out there on the front. It draws the viewers attention in heavy and adds a lot more visual interest to what otherwise was looking too simple, you know? haha, so when I wrote this, I thought I still had the green color on the cover but it was a last minute decision to change it to gray because I thought the green made it too... not christmassy but I thought I was using red and green too much lately and this felt a little more washed out and creepy."

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