Thursday, 15 July 2010

Travel Log #4

I thought I'd have more facilities to update my blog but the case is that all I've got is my qwerty on my mobile and I can barely do anything long form with it. So hopefully there'll be a chance to do something longer in the next week but it looks like I'm stuck using my notebook to do stuff by hand. Shame, but at least I'm doing stuff.

The heat here is stifling. Anyone following my Twitter feed will see my rampant complaining about that. the thing is, this place, Cortland (in Syracuse, in New York state) is in the middle of nowhere, pretty much. Means you can't escape it. And there's no AC in the dorms, you're reliant on fans. This place hurts my sensibilities. Hopefully New York, New York will be better! And the plan is to meet up with Craig, so that's exciting. But this place is just too staid and stifling for my liking.

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