Monday, 5 July 2010

Travel Log #1

Looks like I made it, yes? Alive and well and what not. Good thing too, else... well, else it would have been fail, duh.

Flight was awful, cramped and hot, child crying for the father that had abandoned his family for a first class seat. Got no sleep thanks to that band the fact I was sat in a flying metal casket.

The taxi rid to the hotel took just under two hours, give or take. Literally crashed on arrival in the hotel, slept from 5pm till 1am, missed the 4th of July celebrations (apparently they were brilliant, but hey, was exhausted).

This morning I trekked from the Marriott Hotel to Georgetown, over the Key Bridge (it's fucking long, and the sky is shooting death rays down The minimum heat is the maximum back home), and was wondering why everything was closed. Maybe later it'll open up, I dunno.

Right now I'm sat at the bar (go figure) waiting for it to open. Should I even bother trying to get served? A) I'm underage here, b) they dont serve cider and c) it's, what, 11am? Pssh...

Apologies for poor punctuation and the like, I don't think I'll ever get a handle on this damn QWERTY.

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