Monday, 29 June 2009

Bad-luck wind been blowing on my back...

"Back in my hotel room to write this talk, and I put Glastonbury up on the tv while I write. Springsteen's on. Not a huge fan of the man, though I admire his industry. The man puts in a day's work on stage. And he's sweating, working hard. Got his foot up on an amp as he sings. It's just him, right now, the stage is blacked out, and there's one spot behind him. And he's hot, and it's cold night out there, and he's steaming. And he's just blown the authenticity thing and gone into supermystification, because it looks like he's got an electromagnetic halo, curls of glowing, pearly white light rising up from and playing around his head and shoulders while he stands there in near-silhouette....

He looks like he's The Last Rock Star, the Ascended Master who glows in the dark."
-- Warren Ellis on Bruce Springsteen's Glastonbury 2009 performance.

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