Tuesday, 3 March 2009

I'm Going To Paint This Town Red.

What if the universe hated you? Not just this universe, but every universe in existence, all flat-packed together in a megaverse of reality, a super-structure of alternate dimensions all with you present in some way or another? What if the universe wanted you dead, and so it was going to kill you in whatever manner it could manage?

Why would this be happening?

I mean, what have you ever done to the universe? Well, let's just say you did nothing. Not the you that you know, anyway. Q: Who is the person the universe hates? A: The you from twelve hundred dimensions across, a person so bastardy, so evil, so freaking heinous, that the megaverse needs to get rid of you as fast as it can as universally possible.

So anyway. The universe tries to kill you using it's hand picked agents. The worst killers from across the world all with the same sudden thought in their heads... you must die. You wake up one morning with a gun at your head and a cocky remark whispered in your ear and you close your eyes and then--

You open them again. You're running. Blood on your hands, adrenaline pumping through your body. What just happened? And who is that following you that looks so damn familiar?

I think I have a story idea.


  1. Fantastic idea! Is this the story of Larry?

  2. Ah! I know who you mean now. Yeah, I was thinking the idea I had was a bit too obvious, so if I found a better way to approach it, make it a more valid project than just "blah blah guns time travel, etc" it would be more fun to write. I'm still fiddling with it.