Saturday, 2 July 2011

I'm working on the chapter-by-chapter breakdowns of my novel so I can send the whole package to the publisher. You can tell this novel was written at the dead of night, with the author super charged on insomnia, religion, and popular culture as a whole:

"He’s not wrong; [name removed], aka Abaddon, wants to become a god. He’s born torn from Hell (as has Lucifer, but we’ll get to that soon…) and thrown into the body of [name removed]. Without his hell-born abilities, he’s just a man, and he’s not happy with that. But he knows of a way to become more than human, a sadistic ritual known as the Danse Macabre. The process involves murder, sex and sadism in his name, without he himself getting his hands dirty. We’re told that there’s power in sex, in sacrifice, and that if those acts are dedicated to him, he’ll be super charged and ready for the next step—suicide, and a meeting with Death himself. Charged with all this belief energy, he’ll be able to say ‘No’ to Death, and shorn of physical form and stripped of weakness and human essence by his meeting with the personification of oblivion, he can return more powerful than anyone could imagine."

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