Sunday, 2 January 2011


I have a number of plans for 2011. Not resolutions, because you give them up within a few weeks, but plans. I had plans in 2010 but got sidetracked, stuck in a dead end job with no hope for the future, mourning all the years that had come before and the events and people that had come with them... 2011 needs to be different. I need to try and be different.

The job aspect is sorted, I'm away from the cinema, I'm moving forward (I think), and I believe I have the momentum from the dying months of 2010 to carry me forward in 2011 till I find my footing with everything else.

So, what needs doing?

1) Zenith! needs to be out 4 times this year.

2) I need to self publish my first novel, and my finish my second and third.

3) I need to "contextualise" Zenith! like I always intended, working with other people in other areas to make it an event, not just a name. The launch party (there'll be one for each issue) was the first step toward that, and the concept should crystallise by the second.

4) I want to be better, as ever. And to do that... I don't know. Work harder.

And 5), I want to move out and into the city. That... that's viable now. More so than ever before. Hmm.

I want to be somebody.

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  1. charlie... i really hope you don't lose everything on this. i know you love creating your work but that's what it's about in the end, the creation and not the publication. i'm sure you'll do wonderfully and i'm not criticising you for wanting to publish your work - nothing like that at all - but i hope you don't lose sight of the fact that your writing is more important than the publication of your writing.
    if you accomplish all of these things but at the cost of losing your love for it it won't be worth it, i think.
    if you accomplish all of these things but at the cost of losing other important things it still won't be worth it.
    i know you work hard. xo