Monday, 7 June 2010

"Hell, or Hidden?"

I'm writing a lot of ideas down recently, filling up a book with them, just so I can have something to look to when I have a moment. There's the obvious stuff, the stuff I always turn to when I'm thinking... the Tunguska Impact, for one, that whole incident fascinates me so it's an idea that I mine when it's appropriate... science, as a whole, is a well that I go to every now and then-- mad science, real science, speculative science, anything like that. Of course, due to my bastard novel, I'm now fascinated with looking at anything in regards to angels and demons and monsters-- but that could also be because I'm a big Supernatural fan. So yeah, I'm working on lots of stuff right now, have lots of ideas fermenting, and below are two projects that I'm bobbing in and out of.

The most important to me, right now, I think, is my screenplay. I've written it before for coursework but then I, uh, well I lost it. I lost the piece and it's probably somewhere in my room or on a computer or a memory stick, but as I can't find it I'm rewriting and expanding on it from memory. It's a bugger, because I was really happy with it (but not happy enough with it, I guess, to save it anywhere memorable, buh) but this is giving me a chance to just do it straight off again, without having to keep looking back at what happened before. If it was memorable and striking it stays, but obviously, if I can't remember it in the first place it can't be very good. So that's how I roll today with this.

The second most important (after getting my novel rewritten after the edits come in) is this stupid little science fiction story I have in my head involving the edge of the universe and the end of all time but it's stupid and hard to write because there has to be internal logic to it and the first big stepping stone is the fact that there has to be space ship that can run for billions upon billions upon trillions of years without hitting planets or just falling apart but that just doesn't make sense so I'm stuck thinking. Phew. There's also the engine idea I had, which is intrinsic to the second (there's more than one, ugh) "twist" to the story, but like I said, it needs to be worked on.


  1. im so envious and impressed by your levels of creativity young man

  2. I like that you can take photos with your phone now. I like the real life insight into things. Take more photos of things that you are working on. I like photos :)